What Is Retroceptor?

Retroceptorâ„¢ by Green Turtle is a high- performance, in-kitchen grease interceptor that offers wastewater pretreatment at the source for restaurants, institutions, manufacturers and other food service and processing establishments. This system is the long awaited and permanent replacement for old rusting metal traps that are an operational, health, safety, and compliance risk to your business.

Innovative Design

Retroceptor is designed and constructed with non-removable baffles engineered to create an unrestricted and highly effective flow pattern that promotes efficient grease separation and delivers superior effluent performance.

By preventing turbulence, eliminating re-mixing, and providing maximum residence time per unit volume, Retroceptor creates an optimal environment for in-kitchen grease separation.
Smaller Footprint


Producing the same or better results in a smaller package, Retroceptor easily installs within the space of most of its competitive metal counterparts - even in standard height configurations.

And because Retroceptor is not metal, it will never corrode and deteriorate over time. Never.

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